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1. This is a business for me. I will conduct it as a business.

2. If you cannot come for a lesson, please call. Your slot is reserved for you and if you aren't here, I still am here during that time. If you DO NOT call, you will be charged for the lesson anyway.

3. Missed Lesson Policy All lessons are paid up front. If you must miss a lesson, it may be re-scheduled on a make-up day during the month. If you can't do a make-up lesson during the month, there are no refunds or credits given. For vacations, etc, please notify ahead of time and adjustments will be made. Emergencies are considered on an individual basis. Make-up days will be announced but will usually be the last Saturday morning of the month by appointment only

4. Tuition is not refundable. It is based on enrollment, not attendance. It includes the time spent planning and teaching private lessons and group classes, planning and presenting recitals, scheduling, research, finding and creating new music and materials, continuing education and professional dues, general studio management and expenses. It also includes fees to provide and maintain a large lending library, computer lab and to cover the costs of assignment sheets and miscellaneous handouts.

5. If it not fun for either a student or the teacher to have a child come to his or her lesson unprepared. Please schedule practice time daily. I will provide a page to indicate times the student practiced in the notebook. Please be sure it is filled out.

6. Be sure all materials are brought to the lesson each week. Have your student put everything in the studio bag the night before so nothing is left behind. It is hard to teach a lesson without all the books.

7. Practice time should be at least 30 minutes per day. Beginners may want to break that up into two 15 minute sessions or even shorter if needed. This works well for very young children when they practice. Younger children will need their parent or an older sibling to sit with them during practice time for it to be effective. Warm-up exercises should be done first.

8. Weekend practicing is not required, but, playing for your enjoyment on these two days will help your piano playing improve.

9. A metronome is not essential, but it is a nice item to have in helping a student learn to play evenly and consistently.

10. Flashcards should be used daily when learning notes. The more they are used, the better a student will progress in their music education. There are even some computer games available to learn music notation. Studio games may also be checked out

11. Students may come 15 minutes early or stay 15 minutes after their lesson to use the computer music games. Music Learning Community is provided for $1.00 per month per family to use at home during the week. It has valuable games for learning music skills, not just notes. Students should access this site each week at least once.

12. Master classes are held approximately 4 times during the school year - September, October, February and May. During the week of a master class, there are no regular lessons. These classes may not be made up. The May class is our composer festival and does have a small fee of approximately $6.00 per student. All other group classes are included in the monthly fee.

13. Please be prompt in picking up your student. I prefer that you come to the door to pick up as I like to talk to the parents at that time. If you know you will be late, please let me know so I can provide something for your child to do while they wait for you. I don't have a lot of extra room, so if several students are waiting, it gets a little congested. I do not allow students to wait outside to be picked up.

14. Recitals are held in December and June. During the recital week there are no regular lessons. A "dress" rehearsal is held prior to the recital day. Students may make special arrangements for a brief lesson on their recital pieces if they feel it is necessary. These are scheduled as needed.


REMEMBER: My goal is for all of my students to learn to LOVE MUSIC!


Lessons are paid monthly regardless of the number of lesson days in the month

Private: $ 100.00 per month
Partner lessons: $ 72.00 per month each
Group: $60.00 per month each

After level 4, lessons must be 45 minutes - 60 minutes each week
Private lessons:
45 minutes: $ 150.00 per month
60 minutes: $ 200.00 per month

Family Discount: $5 off per student

Payments are in advance of lesson(s). If paid monthly, please pay at the first lesson of the month. Cash or checks only. Please make checks out to Karen Snow.

PayPal may also be used for e-check or credit card. Please log into PayPal and make your payment to my email at: karen@usacitiesonline.com

Treble Clef Sign

"Music speaks what
cannot be expressed,
soothes the mind
and gives it rest,
heals the heart
and makes it whole,
flows from heaven
to the soul."






Karen Snow
Email: rksnow@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 951-734-2516
Text: 951-403-3131

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