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If you're looking for music books or sheet music, we recommend Sheet Music Plus.
Go to the worlds largest selection of piano sheet music with 90,000+ sheet music titles for the Piano! guaranteed low prices, and great customer service.

Sheet Music Plus Homepage



NEW - Online Flashcards - different types that you use right online - great for practicing notes, key signatures and more
Beethoven's Baseball - answer questions about composers!

from the Dallas Symphony for Kids - Main page
Instrument Hangman game ~ Music Match
Color a Picture - fun online painting

Piggy's Music Lessons - Four good games for beginning students
Ear Training 1 Rainbow Piano Copy a Note game Memorize the Melody
Note Memory game Repeat the Melody Note Shooter Game Major Chord game
Learn all about Brahms in this fun game Learn all about Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov
1001 Arabian Nights
Listening to Water Music - a family activity page  
Games from Creating Music
some of these require special plug-ins
Hearing Games Musical Sketch Pad Rhythm Band  
Music Games Meet the Notes Make a Tune The Music Lab
Games from Music Cards.net
Key Signature flashcards Note Names flashcards Intervals flashcards Triads flashcards
Piano notes w/keyboard Note Names w/keyboard
Music Games
Novel Games
Ariel Water Ballet Alvin & the Chipmunks
Harmonica Game
Musical Notes  
Flash Notes Keyboard Flash Key Signatures Flash Scale Degrees

Flash Intervals

Flash Note Game
Making Music Fun
New York Philharmonic Site
Eek Shark Music Game Music Press Distress Game Fun Game Room
Good Ear.com
Listening & Ear Training Games

EMusic Theory.com
Lots of good note & music games (JAVA required)

Music Theory.net
Note Trainer Key Trainer Interval Trainer Triad Trainer
Keyboard Trainer Audio Interval Trainer Audio Scale Trainer Audio Chord Trainer
Mighty Music Man 3
The Instrument Heist
Santa's Delivery Quiz Half-Step Hoedown Lots & Lots of great games & quizes are here
Music Worksheets

Treble Clef Sign

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."

(French poet, 1802-1885)


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