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September 2015


Welcome back to a new school year!
I hope all the students will be able to participate in our Fall Ice Cream Party because of their practicing over summer break. For those who are preparing for auditions and competitions, your hard work over summer will be a giant step to being prepared in November.

Our first master class will be the Halloween one in October.  Be sure to read the welcome packet for the year.  There is a calendar on it for the future dates.  There are also some pages for parents to fill out and return asap.  Planning for the recitals and for the competitions and auditions needs to be done early so I need input to make the best decisions.

This fall, our studio incentive program will be “Don’t Monkey Around.”  Students will move their monkeys up the palm tree depending on how much they practice, lesson attendance, memorization, etc.  Once a student’s monkey reaches the top, they earn a treat.  If they get to the top quickly, they can start over and re-earn the rewards.  Hopefully it will encourage better practicing at home.

Most students are using the Music Learning Community website and are enjoying learning through fun games. I hope to have my new midi controller set up soon so you'll be able to play the games in the studio on the keyboard instead of using the computer keys. It will also be available for composing purposes. I'm looking forward to it being well-used.

For those with iPads at home, use Piano Maestro at least once a week. For many of you, the Alfred Premier series is on the app as well as many others. There are lots of fun pop songs also. Just go on and look around. You'll really enjoy what you find there. If you don't have an iPad at home, you can come early or stay late after your lesson to use mine here in the studio. I have headphones so you don't disturb the next student.

The website is always a work in progress, but you should find lots of information here as well as instruction and links to fun games to help you with your piano education.

Be sure to email or call if you are not able to come to your lesson. Make-up days will be the last Friday & Saturday of each month by appointment only.

The Snow School of Music Facebook page is now available. I post pictures from events, interesting videos and information about upcoming events. Check it out and like it! I will be posting pictures from the events, but will not put in the student's names. It you don't want your student's picture on the page, please let me know and I'll leave their picture off when I post. I will never add any personal information for your students or family to this page.


Treble Clef Sign

Quote from
Robert Schumann

"You will be a musician when not only your hands but also your heart and mind are full of music."

in a letter to a friend

"People err who think my art comes easily to me. I assure you, dear friend, nobody has devoted so much time and thought to composition as I. There is not a famous master whose music I have not industriously studied through many times."

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